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Effective as of: August 1, 2023
CD/IRA CertificatesPercentage RateYieldTerm
CD/IRA0.75%0.75% APY 90 Days
CD/IRA1.25%1.25% APY6 Months
CD/IRA1.75%1.75% APY12 Months
CD/IRA2.25%2.25% APY18 Months
CD/IRA2.75%2.75% APY24 Months
CD/IRA2.75%2.75% APY30 Months
CD/IRA2.85%2.85% APY36 Months
CD/IRA3.00%3.00% APY48 Months
CD/IRA3.25%3.25% APY60 Months
GRACE PERIOD: 10 days with option to renew at rate as of maturity date or rate on day renewed.
There are no fees for establishing and maintaining a CD/IRA share certificate at the Credit Union. Share Certificates require a minimum deposit of $500.00. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Rates are subject to change at any time.
APY=Annual Percentage Yield.